Yellow Vests Clarify What They Oppose

Sheila White Wolfe and Al Church

Sheila White Wolfe and Al Church

They have been described as pushing a racist agenda by their detractors. 

To others it is a set of issues so broad it is hard to determine exactly what they oppose if not everything.

And for oilfield workers and their families organizing a pro-pipeline convoy to Ottawa to save their jobs and livelihoods they are welcome so long as they take their vests off.

While from their side the local Yellow Vest Movement is just a bunch of ordinary and everyday citizens who have been vilified by “professional protesters” both publicly and on the Internet who disagree with them. 

But really what is a group of Moose Jaw residents doing in front of City Hall every Saturday for a couple of hours? What is their agenda? What goals are they hoping to accomplish?

In order to clarify their objectives and what they are opposing the Yellow Vest Movement Moose Jaw was passing out information leaflets at this past Saturday's rally.

In those leaflets the group opposes a bevy of issues they see as harmful moves by the Federal Government. 

The group is a Canada first movement or could be described as nationalist which is evident from their literature and placards at their rally.

Which according to their local organizers means they want the Federal Government to address issues at home first and foremost before trying to fix problems in other countries. 

They are definitely, if not officially, anti-Trudeau with many members actively calling for his defeat in the next election.

According to rally organizers Al Church and Sheila White Wolfe the group is actually pro-immigration.

Church said the group is in fact pro-immigration but they favour orderly immigration through an application process. They also support successful integration of immigrants into the Canadian economy and existing multi-cultural social structure. 

This is something left wing opponents to the Yellow Vest Movement adamantly disagree with. 

Opponents point to  articles or memes shared or liked by Yellow Vest members and supporters as racist, bigoted as well as attacking non-Christian groups. They also point to posts made on the Yellow Vest Movements national Facebook Page which have been removed which allegedly threatened harm to the Prime Minister as proof the group is dangerous.

Some opponents on social media have gone further stating the Yellow Vest Movement is in reality a haven for many with extremist right wing views and they are something far more sinister. 

To help clarify exactly what the local Yellow Vest Movement is publicly advocating we are publishing a synopsis of the literature the group was handing out at this past Saturday's rally. This is not an investigative article into some of their of their on-line postings which has drawn harsh criticism. (See Editor’s Note at the end of this article.) Click to see a CBC article on what the group is about.

Here is the list of issues and the reasons the local Yellow Vest Movement Federal Government according to their pamphlets distributed to the public.

Taxes – this is a major issue for the group. 

They call for reasonable taxation and the feeling people are being over-taxed. Although the Carbon Tax is one issue they oppose additionally they also oppose what they see as escalating taxation. 

Sovereignty and Immigration – this is the major controversial issue the group has taken a stand on and the one where they draw the most criticism from their detractors.

The group calls for withdrawal from the recently signed UN Global Compact for Immigration as well as other agreements made at the UN.

“We call for an immediate end to illegal and irregular immigration, while promoting legal immigration in amounts that allow for successful integration into Canada multi-cultural society and economy,” the publicly stated information states.

The national handout provided stated “We the Citizen’s and residents of Canada did not vote on UN Compacts nor did we vote for the UN to govern Canada. We request all legislation changed in the last 10 years due to UN compacts be reviewed be voted on by the citizens and residents of Canada” 

Free Speech and Free Press – the Yellow Vest Movement calls for free speech and opposes censorship laws and measures as well as advocating “for full freedom of the media.” 

Energy – in the area of energy the group calls for Canada to allow pipelines in order to become energy self sufficient and no longer import foreign oil. The group also supports the “eventual greening of energy supply and use.”

A national handout provided said the group “oppose any import of oil from foreign states where Canadian funds may be used to promote terrorism.”

Reform -  the group calls for a “complete reform of the Canadian political system, including the electoral system and payments “ 

Peace – the Yellow Vest Movement state they are a peaceful movement and “advocate a No First Use policy for violence, but shall not tolerate mistreatment or ignorance by authorities, individuals or other violent groups.” 

In a national brochure also being handed out the group advocates the present and “future federal governments to govern Canada as voted by Canada's Citizen’s and Residents, to listen to the will of the people, to ensure all in Canada have adequate housing, clean drinking water, food and safety.”

The national brochure goes further and calls upon a working ratio of 80 percent supporting 20 percent in receipt of social assistance in one form or another. 

The local handout wraps up by stating they are after fair treatment from the Federal Government.

“We want this government and future Canadian governments to do their job, serve and look after the Canadian people, all of them. Not treat us as tax paying, wage slaves, who they can milk to the grave,” the information concluded. 

Editorial Note – MJ Independent is officially neutral on this issue. After discussions with others in out of town media we have decided to publish what the local Yellow Vest Movement group is publicly advocating.

Despite what some detractors might see as giving a platform to a group that has been portrayed as racist, anti-immigrant and homophobic we have done so in an effort to encourage you the reader to dig deepder into this topic and make up your own minds. 

Putting our heads in the sand and ignoring issues which are on public display might be a wise course for others but in reality is it? 

We would do the same if a group suddenly appeared week after week on the steps of City Hall which was 100 percent opposed to the Yellow Vest Movement in what they wanted any level of government to respond to. 

It is not our job to make decisions for you but hopefully by highlighting the issues and encouraging readers to dig deeper you can make a better informed decision. And if our critics don’t like it, so be it. 

We strongly encourage our readers to look at additional sources, look into the background of those involved with the Yellow Vest Movement as well as their opponents and above all ask questions then make up your own minds. 

We encourage responses and feedback to this issue as well as others.

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