Legislature Returns Monday - New School A Maybe


Calling it “always exciting” Moose Jaw North Warren Michelson is off to the Spring Session of the Saskatchewan Legislature on Monday.

Although he could make NO promises there MAY be something exciting in the Provincial Budget for Moose Jaw which comes down on March 20th depending if the finances can afford it as there is anticipation funding may be available for a new combined use Public\Separate School on South Hill.

“It is on the priority list on education and no definite decisions have been made,” Michelson told MJ Independent, adding “if we don’t have to go in debt to build it may happen…we have to wait and see if that happens.”

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Positives for the City of Moose Jaw has been the recent announcement of SaskPower building a new natural gas fired generator in the City’s newly developed Southeast Industrial Park, he said.

“Other things on the table and whether they come to fruition we will have to wait until the budget comes down,” Michelson stated.

“It has certainly been discussed and will proceed once the finances are there.”

One thing which was almost completed in the past and just failed to become a reality was a proposed student residence for Sask Polythechnic students. Michelson said he does not expect it to be announced as part of this year’s budget.

The new formula for revenue sharing announced recently will mean more money over the next year which will marginally increased funds for municipalities like Moose Jaw which helps the City, he said.

Other key issues taking place at the Spring Session includes the Provincial Government “standing up for Saskatchewan making sure the economy is strong. We are standing up for the people.”

The court case where the Province fought the Federal Government’s authority to impose a Carbon Tax on the province was one example of how the SaskParty government fought for the provincial economy.

“A key thing is the court case against the Carbon Tax as we don’t think that’s right,” Michelson stated.

Another area the SaskParty government is focusing in is getting pipelines built to take Saskatchewan oil to higher paying markets.

Asked about the Budget and if the SaskParty Government has righted the province through austerity could mean a balanced budget, Michelson said it is entirely possible.

Asked whether he was ready to release any tidbits of spending within the Budget he politely declined.

In a story on his plans to seek re-election Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence said one of the big things to look forward to was a balanced provincial budget. SEE RELATED Greg Lawrence

“Absolutely I think that the Premier has indicated we are where we wanted to be bringing out a budget that is balanced and make sure the economy is strong,” Michelson said about the odds of the Province’s budget being balanced.

“Right now it looks very positive.”

“We had to change a lot of the tax structure to get around reliance on resource revenue. It hasn’t been easy a lot of things have contributed to the economy. Keeping taxes low personal and corporate is part of it.”

Asked regarding the economy which many have termed as ‘struggling’ Michelson said the building blocks are there and the Province is “looking forward to a positive year, a better year. Getting our products out to market.”

Regarding the 6 percent PST on construction Michelson said the “PST on construction wasn’t the only thing to slow down the economy…part of the tax was lowered.”

“Was it devastating? No, but it was part of the overall slowdown. I know it has been brought to my attention and I have taken it to the Ministry of Finance.”

As far as the economy goes Michelson says it is starting to go up.

“The economy is picking up slightly and hopefully continues to do so,” he said.

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