Funding Announced For Flood Mapping For Moose Jaw

When it rains it pours and at times there is potential for flooding.

To help reduce the risks of flooding and help for better planning to mitigate potential flooding hazards the Federal Government as well as the Saskatchewan Watershed Agency has partnered together to provide flood mapping and hydraulic modelling to 20 high risk communities including Moose Jaw.

At a cost of $1 million - split on a 50/50 share between the two senior levels of government with no cost to the City - the program will provide more accurate and up to date analysis to be used to manage flood risks.

“This partnership is a positive step toward helping communities become more resilient in the face of climate change – a priority in Saskatchewan’s Prairie Resilience climate change strategy,” Minister Responsible For The Water Security Agency Dustin Duncan said. In a statement. “Flood mapping is vital for communities to manage potential flood hazards, and to implement effective mitigation measures.”

Flood mapping identifies areas that are at-risk for flooding from nearby rivers, lakes and streams, including those impacted by anticipated developments or changes in climate, making it the first step to increasing community resilience relative to flooding.

The funding will help the Province to achieve its goal of providing Flood Mapping to all communities at risk by 2030, Duncan said.

Flood mapping is one of the 25 measures of resilience in the Government of Saskatchewan’s Climate Resilience Measurement Framework.

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