SGI Reminds Motorists/Pedestrians To Use Caution In School Zones

With tomorrow being the first day of school SGI wants to remind motorists to be extra mindful of school zones as there will now be children in them on a more regular basis.

School zones in Moose Jaw – unless otherwise posted – carry a 40 km/hour speed limit. Whereas other communities such as Regina just lowered their school zone speed limit to 30 km/hour.

The majority of school zones in Moose Jaw are from 8 am until 6 pm seven days a week and are all year long.


The reasoning for this is when the initial school zone speed limits were established the Council of the day felt many school playgrounds were used on non-school days as well.

SGI would like to remind motorists school zones are there to reduce speeds and raise driver's alertness to help reduce accidents.

As part of this SGI reminds drivers not to do the following in school zones

  • Slow down and follow the reduced speed limits

  • Avoid all distractions and pay attention to the road

  • Be prepared for the unexpected like excited children jaywalking

  • When dropping off children have them exit curbside on the same side of the street as the school

  • Obey crossing guards, crosswalks and traffic control devices

The fine for exceeding the posted school zone speed limit by 20 km\hr is $310 and three demerit points.

As part of raising awareness SGI also asks parents speak to their children to make them safer when crossing the street.

  • SGI asks parents to speak to their children and remind them to cross the street only at crosswalks and do not jaywalk.

  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street so you know they are aware of your presence. Always wait until vehicles come to a complete stop before crossing the street.

  • Although it is not illegal in Moose Jaw put the phone away prior to and while crossing streets because distracted walking can be dangerous.

  • Never, ever walk out between parked cars as drivers may not expect or see you until it is too late.

  • Be careful around school buses and be aware of vehicles passing the bus as they may not see you.

In rural areas school buses cannot be passed when their stop arm and lights are engaged. Many roads adjacent farms in rural areas have signage advising motorists to slow down and/or set a reduced speed limit.

In the City of Moose Jaw it is illegal for school bus drivers to engage their stop arm and flashers. So if a school bus is stopped they may be picking up or dropping off passengers

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