Letter To The Editor : Diesel Fumes Choking East Side Neighbourhood

diesel fumes.jpg

Area residents are, with full knowledge of the City and CN rail , are being poisoned by deadly toxic exhaust fumes and have chosen to ignore this daily criminal act.

Yes criminal, because both the City of Moose Jaw and CN are knowingly allowing this to happen and knowing that there actions are causing harm.

Workers Compensation or Occupational Health and Safety would not allow this to happen to a worker in a workplace but apparently the same rules don't apply to this neighbourhood’s residents.

Maybe not so hard to understand, we are not Iron Bridge.

Thanks, best of the season, Peace.

Mick Ireland

Moose Jaw

Editor’s Note - The following letter is in response to a train which is parked and idles near homes on the East Side of the City. Residents have raised concerns with the City and the railroad and are hoping to see a resolution.

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