Rhino's Ramblings: Politicians Inspire


Robert Thomas

The Provincial Budget came out this past Tuesday. For the City of Moose Jaw there are no surprises and I doubt a re-thinking of the civic budget is necessary.

There were no needed funds for infrastructure, which all cities desperately need.

But by far the most inspirational thing I heard in the interviews regarding the budget, was a response from Greg Lawrence, MLA for Moose Jaw-Wakamow, regarding the $10 million allocated for community care for people living out at the Valleyview Centre.

In his response, Lawrence stated that the Provincial Government was committed to looking after those “folks” out there.

Now, I am not entering the political debate about Valleyview but it was great to hear the people living there referred to as just ordinary people; or folks, if you like. It was also great to hear sincerity in the MLA’s voice as he said it.

Despite all of the rhetoric over the years about the Valleyview Centre, it is really great to hear MLAs not refer to the people who call the Centre their home with technical terms such as "wards" or "clients" or "consumers".

Community care and the re-integration of people from Valleyview into society is a monumental task and a large part of that is acceptance. It's great to hear an MLA leading the way by referring with honest, everyday, inclusive language. It goes a long way.

And about another local politician who inspired last week:

the tragedy which struck the Humboldt Broncos just over a week ago is by far one of the most defining moments in the recent history of the Province.

It was inspiring to hear Mayor Frasier Tolmie’s statement on the tragedy and the effect it had on so many people. During last week's City Council meeting, Tolmie dedicated of moment of peacefulness to those involved in and affected by the disaster.

I have plenty of family in Humboldt, as members of the German-Russian clan that I’m a part of settled there long ago and that tragedy has shaken the City like nothing before.

Tolmie's words of encouragement were much appreciated.