Team Baker has Spectacular Day 3

curling 2.jpg

Penny Barker and her team of local miscreants were thrown right back into the meat-grinder on Thursday Jan 4th. 

They had an early afternoon showdown against Ashley Howard's Regina rink. Ashley Howard, for those who don't know, is the youthful daughter of Russ Howard, a Canadian curling legend and Olympic gold medallist. He also happens to be coaching her team.

Penny, along with Deanna Doig, Danielle Sicinski and Lorraine Schneider weren't distracted by the superior bloodline one bit. Jumping out to an early lead, in end one, then comfortably cruising to a seemingly effortless 6-3 victory. 

Other Draw 6 results: Chantelle Eberle beat Nancy Martin 7-3, Robyn Silvernagle, who I figure takes this whole thing (calling it!) destroyed Stephanie Lawton, who is kind of hitting rock-bottom right now, 9-3. And something went horribly wrong in the Candace Chisholm/Amber Holland match. Amber Holland forgot she had a curling match; getting her ass kicked 8-1.

Oh and wouldn't you guess who Team Barker had to play after that. Amber fricking Holland, straight off her soul-destroying breakdown against Candace Chisholm.

Well, Amber looked a little better, but she still got her ass kicked again. Penny Barker left Day 3 in fantastic shape. Right near the top of the pack, with Silvernagle, Eberle and Chisholm.

She is now 4-2

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