Warriors Fans Hyped for Final Showdown with Pats


Pier-Luc Doyon

warriors pier.PNG

February 24, 2018, a date that many Warriors fans have circled on their calendars for quite some time. The final showdown of the regular season between the top ranked Warriors and the Regina Pats.

A buzz is growing in the friendly city. Two of the WHL's top producers, Jayden Halbgewachs and Brayden Burke are leading the way. These Warriors have been firing up the offence by combining for 211 points. The overall scoring depth, solid defensive core and timely goaltending have some saying this Warriors team could be the one to win it all. This being the ultimate goal of every squad in the WHL, and the utmost hope of every diehard fan. For many teams, it may come more difficult than others. The belief in this Warriors team is real, and it's catching on with the citizens of Moose Jaw and in the surrounding area.

As a fan of this beloved game, I cannot wait for the final games of the season and the upcoming playoffs. We'll be seeing you in May, as they say.


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