Moose Jaw to Get Beach Volleyball Courts

Robert Thomas

Despite a bit of a quirky name, Moose Jaw is about get some new public beach volleyball courts courtesy of Sandy Balls Volleyball Inc.

Executive Committee voted unanimously to allow the non-profit group to construct the beach volleyball facility in the Hamilton Flats area.

In a report, Executive Committee was told the cost of construction, insurance and compliance with City guidelines is the responsibility of Sandy Balls.

The beach volleyball courts also comply with the City's goals of encouraging parks and outdoor activities.

The project might be being built with non-City money but the City will have supervisory powers over the constitution to ensure it is in compliance with City regulations.

Sandy Balls will also be responsible for any damages caused by flooding, as the facility will be located in a fringe flood zone. Additionally, the group will be responsible for any decommissioning costs of the courts.

The committee was told Regina has similar facilities and has had on-going leagues for a number of years.