Local Wrestler Wrestles with Childhood Hero

Nick Murray

It's not uncommon for the high-flying, hard-hitting Moose Javian wrestler, Cannonball Kelly, to work with former WWE wrestling legends. He's worked with the Honky Tonk Man, Tito Santana and Gangrel in the past and just this year, the company he wrestles for, High Impact Wrestling, has involved both Cody Rhodes and Ryback in different events.

Cannonball Kelly

Cannonball Kelly

But it was a little different on Friday August 31st at the Callie Curling Club in Regina, as this time he found himself working with Mick Foley at HIW's Pile O' Bones Rumble

Foley is one of the most memorable and respected WWE performers in the history of the sport. He has fought under the aliases Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack. He is a three time WWE Champion, and eight time Tag Team Champion and he was inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2017.

He was once thrown from the top of a steel cage by The Undertaker only to climb back up it and get choke slammed through it and onto the ring below, only to get back up again long enough to get choke slammed onto thumb tacks.  

He was also once hit in the head with a steel chair 17 consecutive times, with his hands cuffed behind his back, by The Rock in an "I Quit" match at Royal Rumble.

Since his glory days he has also become a legend outside the ring for the way he connects with fans.

"Go ahead and picture your childhood hero" said Cannonball Key. "Is he or she there?  Good.  Now sit back and think about how awesome that person is and why you love them.  Did you do it?  Great!"

During one of the other matches Foley actually called Cannonball Kelly over to him and asked if he was the guy doing all the flips.

"I guess I look different outside of the ring when I'm in regular duds and not wide eyed and insane" he laughed.

It was surreal. Amazingly surreal.
— - Cannonball Kelly, on wrestling with Mick Foley

At the event, which was High Impact Wrestling's 23rd annual Pile O' Bones 30 man Rumble. Cannonball Kelly teamed up with King Cash (with Johnny 2 Fingers in their corner) to battle the tag team duo of Michael Allen Richard Clark, who Kelly says is a "tool of epic proportions", and Mike McSugar, who he says is a "creepier tool"; in a "no holds barred", anything goes, tag team match. Together Clark and McSugar are called Flex Appeal and in their corner was Kathy.

The build-up to this match runs four years long and it's full of violence, excitement, intrigue, betrayal and even what very much seems like infidelity.

King Cash and Michael Allen Richard Clark (who I will be referring to as MARC for now on) were allies; even working together once to beat Kelly up.

Kelly and McSugar were a tag team themselves at the time; the champions, actually. Oh how the flaming tables have turned.

"We were called The Bromantics" Kelly said,

"which is fun cause my old man, Mr. 4P in 3G.  `Pill Pushin Piano Player` Gary Gregg Gower (he`s a pharmacist kids calm down) is in a 60s cover band called The Bromantics."

Flex Appeal: Mike McSugar and Michael Allen Richard Clark

Flex Appeal: Mike McSugar and Michael Allen Richard Clark

Eventually McSugar betrayed Kelly, aligning himself with MARC and creating Flex Appeal.

Cannonball Kelly went solo and had a pretty great run, defeating King Kash in a steel cage match and ultimately winning the Central Canadian Heavyweight Title.

That's when Kelly took some time off to focus on his other project, playing drums with Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities.

"In that time, Flex Appeal`s ego grew larger.  They enlisted King Kash's wife Kathy on their side and kicked King Kash to the curb" Kelly said.

Kathy owns half of the company.

"Me and Johnny 2 Fingers decided to attend an HIW Show back in May of this year. Flex Appeal decided the whole night they were gonna mess with us. King Kash ended up getting attacked by them and Johnny convinced me to save him" he said. .

"In June," Kelly continued. "Flex Appeal invited us to watch from the audience again.  I`m pretty used to Flex Appeal`s tactics.  So I made sure to have my wrestling attire present.   Clark challenged me on the spot, which I expected.  What I didn`t expect was Flex Appeal to attack me.  Then have Clark drag Johnny out of his chair and boot him in the face!"

Cannonball Kelly didn't take too kindly to that. He made a phone call to King Kash and the two decided to make it their mission to end Flex Appeal.

"I wouldn`t say me and King Kash are friends.  But last Friday we definitely shared a common enemy" he added

"It was easily one of the most intense matches I`ve ever had.  It started hot and stayed that way until the end" Cannonball stated.

That battle included Kelly Power bombing MARC through a table from the second rope and Johnny landing a Stone Cold Stunner on Kathy but then things got dicey. After some serious mayhem only two fighters were left standing. And Johnny was in trouble.

Johnny 2 Fingers, Mick Foley and Cannonball Kelly

Johnny 2 Fingers, Mick Foley and Cannonball Kelly

"I couldn`t help him.  I couldn`t save him.  MARC had him. until.................FOLEY! FOLEY! FOLEY! FOLEY! FOLEY!" Kelly Exclaimed.
And that's where the legend came in. Mick Foley took MARC out with a mean right hook before reaching into his pants and pulling out a tube sock (Socko, in wrestling vernacular). He threw the rancid crotch sock into the waiting hands of Johnny 2 Fingers who then proceeded to slide his arm into it and use the socked hand, in a most bizarre and grotesque manner, to grab, squeeze and violently twist Mike McSugar's genitals.

"The most memorable moment was easily Mick Foley giving Johnny 2 Fingers, Mr. Socko! And giving him expressed permission to use him against Flex Appeal! Which he did, savagely, against Mike McSugar's testicles" Cannonball said, adding, "I'd like to thank Mr. Socko for helping us win the match. And I guess Mick Foley too."

About the experience, Johnny 2 Fingers said it was "a dream come true".

After the fight, Kelly, Johnny and King Kash were attacked by a trio of wrestlers from a rival company called Canadian Wrestling Elite.

"I`m guessing I just happened to be in the way of the attack" Kelly said, "cause they took there aim at Kash more than myself.  Danny Duggan is the owner of CWE.  If you check up on the history of Danny Duggan and King Kash it`s a farely checkered one.  Personally it isn`t my fight.  But they decided to involve me."

A battle with these guys from CWE could be what's next for Cannonball Kelly.

"I`ve been in the ring with all three guys separately before and I've beaten them.  So if HIW wants me in a war.  I`ll be the first in line.  CWE may have great wrestlers...but they don`t have a Cannonball!"

King Kash took to his Facebook to say "What a show. I don't know if I have the words to sum it up, just absolutely amazing top to bottom. I hurt everywhere. I've got cuts and bruises, and a hellacious lump on the side of my head and ear from a flying metal trash can, but Cannonball Kelly and I came out victorious in what was definitely one of the most intense and violent matches of my career."

After the battle Cannonball Kelly also competed in the 30 man, over the top, Rumble for the first ever Canadian Grand Championship. Considering he had a cracked rib, five stitches in his head and a concussion, he didn't do as well in it as he would have liked. Shaun Moore eventually won the match, also receiving a little help from Mick Foley in the process."

Other results from the event:
Sheik Shabazz defeated Kat Von Heez to retain the Wildside Championship

El Asesino won a fatal 4 Way match for the Central Canadian Heavyweight Championship beating Ace Riviera (also from Moose Jaw), Davey O'Doyle and Jeff Tyler.

Shaun Moore defeated Wavell Starr

Rex Roberts defeated Michael Richard Blais