Nimegeers Heads Off To France

Brooklyn Nimegeers

Brooklyn Nimegeers

At only 13 years of age Brooklyn Nimegeers is off on a hockey trip of a lifetime.

Today the young Moose Javian is off to Chamonix, France to play with the 14u Draft Day North American All-star team to represent North America in the World Select International Championships.

Nimegeers was first recruited at the Belfry 64 prospect camp in Guelph, Ontario (2018) where she was identified as one of the top 64 13-year-old female players in North America as a 12 year-old. Nimegeers was then selected for a national all-star team for the Beantown classic in Boston. She was then selected to head to France.

Playing for the Moose Jaw Pee Wee Mavericks in 2018-2019 Nimegeers had 49 goals and 14 assists in the course of 10 games. She was part of the Moose Jaw Mavericks squad who were crowned the South Division Champions in the Saskatchewan Female Hockey League.

To get a better understanding of what it is like to head off to France to play hockey MJ Independent asked 10 questions.

1. Brooklyn can you tell me what does it feel like to be chosen to go to France?

It feels really great.  I am really nervous about going to play at that level, but I think it is a great opportunity.

2. Who is going with you to France?

I don’t know any of the girls on the team, as I am the only girl from Western Canada.  The girls are from all over North America. (Ontario, PEI, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, …) Also my Dad.
3. Why do you play hockey?

I love hockey.  It is my favorite sport.  I have a lot of good friends both on the boys team (PeeWee AAs) and the Mavericks which make it fun.
4. Do you play any other sports?

Yes, I play fastball with the Moose Jaw Ice, track, volleyball, football, and I love inline hockey as well.  I was on Team Canada for inline hockey at the junior Olympics the last two years, and am hoping to go to Hawaii with them again this year.
5. In five words can you explain what this past season of hockey was like?

Great Coaches and Great Friends

6. I understand you are in an age group higher than your age. What does it feel like to play at a higher level? Do you find it challenging to play at a higher age level?

I’ve played up an age group a lot in female spring hockey.  It is challenging, but not as challenging as playing with the boys.  I’ve played AA boys since Atom , and playing with older boys is the toughest.

7. What is your favourite hockey team?

Oilers, who else?
8. If you were not playing hockey you would rather be .................?

…….Playing fastball.  It is a great sport too.  If not playing sports, I love camping and hanging out at the lake.

9. Where do you attend school?

St. Mikes
10. What do you hope to bring back from France in terms of hockey?

I hope to make a lot of new friends from around the world, and a gold medal wouldn’t hurt either….

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