UPDATE - 10 Man League Seeking Teams and Players

Last week it was set to be played at Memorial Field on the newly named Lyle Helland Diamond but the venue has now changed and they are off to a bigger field at Hamilton Flats.

It is now a 10 Man League.

If interested get some of your friends together and join the league which is presently seeking teams and players. - Moose Jaw League - 10 Man League.

To enter a team all it takes is your registration and an entry fee of $650 which includes SPL Insurance. There is a minimum of six teams in the league and games will be played Friday evenings at Hamilton Flats.

The season runs from May 4th to July 18th with a year end tournament to be held on July 27th and 28th.

All teams full fees are due April 26th.

10 man league.jpg

Even if you are just a player there may be the opportunity to be on a team and if there is enough extra players an additional team may be added, ask Josh by email.

Masks are mandatory for pitchers to prevent possible injuries and there is no smoking allowed on the field.

For more information contact Josh Grywacheski by email - joshgrywacheski@sasktel.net .

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