Council Reacts To Boom Boom Bass Complaints

Photo By Roxanne Ashe - Virtual Interiors Photography

Photo By Roxanne Ashe - Virtual Interiors Photography

They might be rocking to the music at a business set up last Summer but the neighbours are none to happy the boom boom bass is disturbing their sleep and rattling their windows and teeth on a regular basis.

At Monday evening’s meeting of Moose Jaw City Council Councillor Dawn Luhning asked for Administration to issue a report on issuing business license in mixed use zones (commercial and residential) when businesses are doing things which could be a concern to surrounding residents.

In requesting the report from Administration Councillor Luhning stated the issue surrounds a new business that is allegedly disrupting five area residents by playing loud music at least three times a week. The residents have lived nearby before the business set up shop and despite complaining on numerous occasions the noise continues.

“There is nothing in the business bylaw to rectify these circumstances,” she said, adding “residents have the right to peace and quiet in the evening.”

In discussion Councillor Luhning said the “residents were there first”, the “two are not acting cooperatively” and being a “good neighbour is not being respected.”

“If Moose Jaw wants to encourage mixed use in particular the Downtown we need to enact (this),” Councillor Luhning stated.

Councillor Crystal Froese asked Administration if the noise bylaw would not address the situation.

City Manager Jim Puffalt responded the problem has been looked at the residents’ concerns and there was actually a “combination of three or four bylaws” necessary to rectify the situation.

“We think we can have done a lot of work on it,” Puffalt said, adding “the noise bylaw doesn’t seem to cover the situation now.”

Speaking about how Councillor Brian Swanson mentioned he was aware of the situation in earlier discussion but did nothing about it, Councillor Luhning stated “this did not come up on a whim” and since the problem had been occurring since last August “felt it appropriate to bring it to Council.”

“Me and Mayor Tolmie have been involved in this for the last four weeks,” she said.

Speaking to the issue Mayor Fraser Tolmie said it was all about respect.

“We want to live in a community that can get along and be respectful of each others private space” and “respectful of their private business,” Mayor Tolmie said.

Mayor Tolmie went on to state residents have the right to relax in their own homes in peace and quiet.

Councillor Chris Warren said he supported the initiative and commended Council members and Administration who have been working together to rectify the problem.

“Let’s all work together to address these situations,” Councillor Warren stated.

MJ Independent knows which business is the source of the noise but will not be publishing their name as it was not mentioned at Council. We also know of another business in the city which moved in to another mixed use neighbourhood and despite complaints to the police and City Hall of late night noise, idling vehicles for hours and traffic concerns on a continual basis nothing has been done to rectify the residents’ complaints in that case.

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