Simple Steps to Reduce Household Waste


Chad Pimlott

Yeah yeah, we get it. Bi-weekly garbage removal sucks. The evidence for this lies in all the back alleys strewn with over-flowing garbage bins; and it's only going to get worse when the City starts forcing people to drag their garbage bins curbside and picturesques neighbourhoods start looking more and more like Port-au-Prince. 

The City has decided it's a more optimal solution to reduce garbage pick-ups than it is to raise taxes even more then they already plan to.

So, for the people struggling with it, here are five simple steps to help you reduce your household waste, and make bi-weekly a little more bearable.

#1. Reuse

If you're looking for ways to reuse things, you're sure to find ample opportunities. Use plastic containers instead of sandwich bags, reuse egg cartons...that cardboard is strong enough to get ten dozens out of. Use recyclable shopping bags and say no to the plastic they give you at the grocery store...or, if you are going to use the plastic ones, then reuse them around the house at least, they make for perfectly acceptable bin liners. 

#2. Contact Canada Post and Tell Them You Don't Want Flyers.

Flyers are a big one, they are the number one space waster at the dump; if we got rid of them completely we would probably see immediate savings on our taxes. Contact Canada Post and tell them you don't want them anymore. Or just slide them into the "Return to Sender" slot at your neighbourhood mailbox. 

I suppose you could also contact the people publishing these flyers and shame them for wasting your money while destroying the environment. But I think simply contacting Canada Post is easier. 

#3. Start a Compost Bin

This one takes a little bit of effort, but all you need is some garden soil, foliage, food scraps and a little spot of spare space and you can almost immediately reduce the amount of food and yard waste that goes into your bins tenfold.

Here's how to build one:

#4. Go Paperless 

Who needs newspapers delivered when you can get MJ Independent right on your phone. Hell, I'd hate to promote the competition, but Discover Moose Jaw is online too.

It's not just news you can go paperless with, you can also do all your banking online, pay your bills online, send your mail via GMail and get your paycheques sent to an EPost account.  The need for a stack of bills piled up on your kitchen table is no more. Paperless is the way of the future. 

#5. Use the Recycling Depot

Collect your bottles, stack your paper and breakdown your cardboard boxes. There is a Recycling Depot on City grounds at 1010 High Street West. It's accessible 24/7.

Bi-weekly doesn't need to be so difficult

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