Moose Jaw Gets First CrokiCurl Rink

Chad Pimlott

The excitement levels in Moose Jaw are ramping up tenfold, as the City has built its very first Crokicurl rink at Elgin Park, and it's officially ready to launch.

Crokicurl is a new fad, a winter game sweeping across the nation, one city park at a time. It was invented in Winnipeg by some adventurous city architectures with a little too much time to waste. It combines the Canadian classic of Curling with the practical magic of Crokinole, an old-timey classic wooden board game that most people under the age of forty have likely never even heard of. 

It's outdoor activities like this that make Canadians uniquely Canadian.

The brand new CrokiCurl rink at Elgin Park

The brand new CrokiCurl rink at Elgin Park

Because the game is played with Curling rocks, and curling rocks aren't cheap, you'll need to book the rink and hand over a refundable damage deposit of $100. You can do this by contacting the Parks & Recreation office.

The rules are similar to Crokinole. The object of the game is to smash your opponents rocks out of the way and score as many of your own into the centre of the rink as possible.

So, fill up a thermos full of hot cocoa, slap on some warm clothes and a toque and bring the family down to Elgin Park to reaffirm your status as a Canadian.

Here is a more detailed outline of the rules.

- Split into two teams of 1-2 players.

- Each team gets 4 rocks.

- Starting clockwise, and alternating between teams, each player throws a rock.

- Each ring has a different value: white=10, Red=15, Bullseye=20.

- Once a bullseye is scored, remove it from the centre circle

- Of a rock is halfway between rings, player receives the lower score

- The team with the most points after 4 rocks wins the round.

- The team who wins the most rounds wins the match. 

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