Squirrelly Putt & Play: One More Great Reason to Visit Buffalo Pound


Nick Murray

Don't ever let 'em tell ya there's nothing to do around here. Especially not in the summer time and especially not with all the exciting new stuff going down in Buffalo Pound. It's no longer just a destination for people already camping in the park; Squirrelly Putt & Play makes it a destination worth traveling to.


Squirrelly Putt & Play has gone through a whole load of changes since being taken over by Rion & Amber White.

In 2017, the couple knocked down the cabin and had the entire mini-putt course re-done. They installed a new aluminum dock and a floating one where they set up the boats for rent. You can rent paddleboats, paddleboards, canoes, kayaks and even an aqua bike in the newly rebuilt cabin. You can also rent Mountain bikes there for exploring the many trails in Buffalo Pound. They brought in Spooner Boards and floating water toys. They loaded a fridge with bait and a rack with tackle, for fishers, and brought in snacks and cold drinks for the concession stand.


The glow golf started Friday and runs every Friday, in the summer, until the last players walk off the course.

"It was really popular last year" Amber stated. "We used to use just glow sticks".

The new glow putt course is a little more labour intensive, but it also glows much more fiercely. Each hole is lined with solar lights and glowing rods poke out of every hole. Each player is equipped with a clear golf ball that has a miniature glow stick inside it, as well.

"It gets a lot busier in August because it gets dark earlier and its easier for people to bring families. We'd run out of putters and people would be lined up."


For this summer, they added an Axe throwing cage. "Rion built it himself" Amber added. The official opening of the cage was on Saturday night, but Rion and some friends were testing it out on Friday night.

Employee Shawn Wiskar and Owner Amber White

Employee Shawn Wiskar and Owner Amber White

"All the crazy things I ever get forced into are my husband's doing" Amber joked.

Which actually sounds about true when you find out that at Rion's other business he stuffs,  preserves and mounts dead animals. He owns Orion Taxidermy on Athabasca East.

"I guess I shouldn't say forced" Amber acquiesced.

Shawn Wiskar, an employee, was helping kids out on the 30ft rock-climbing wall. There are multiple routes to the top of this. Some easy enough for most kids to do, but others difficult enough to challenge adults.

"It's a lot of fun" Amber said. "We have awesome, great staff."

Squirrelly Putt & Play is totally worth checking out.