Undercover Buffet: Landscape Restaurant


Billie Wong

Located in the South of the Bridges business district, Landscape Restaurant is the only buffet restaurant on South Hill and it has a strong neighbourhood customer-base but also attracts people from throughout the city.


Being outside of the downtown core, customers do not need to worry about plugging meters. But at the same time, there is no off-street parking available.

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible although it is a bit of a tighter squeeze for a wheelchair or a scooter due to the spacing of tables and the confined quarters around the very tight buffet table.

The washrooms are also a little tighter for those with mobility issues.

The staff is highly attentive and seem to always be on the go. They are not over-relaxed and neither are they intrusive. Staff are prompt when it comes to ensuring the buffet table is provided with a continual fresh supply of all offerings.

For those of you wondering about the Wi-Fi. Sorry a free option doesn’t exist but those on SaskTel Mobility can save some of their monthly usage as there free system is available.

Although the number of food choices are limited there is a great emphasis on quality when others might go for quantity.

The chicken balls were not overly saturated with batter nor where they overcooked, as is the case at many buffet tables – they were moist and tender. They were not permeated with a greasy taste either. The sauce was tangy but yet mildly refreshing.

The shrimp was not overcooked nor greasy although it was a touch thick with batter. Despite this it was not like some buffets where the batter is far more than the meat itself.

The salt and pepper fish was nicely seasoned. It was a bit bold but in no way was it greasy. Once again this dish was a little over-battered but not to the point where it’s more batter than fish.

The sweet and sour pork was great without the overly acidic taste you tend to find in many dishes that include pineapple. The sauce was a pleasure to roll around your mouth.

The chicken wings were ordinary but properly cooked with the right amount of crunchiness on the outside and tenderness on the inside. Sorry though, there is no fancy sauce available.

By far the top and most surprising element of this buffet was the bok choi. It was a little bit on the crispy side. But the addition of shrimp stir fried in the mix made for a wonderful pleasure as something usually not seen very often on buffet tables. The sauce tied the entire dish together unlike any other.

They certainly didn’t skimp on the shrimp
— Billie Wong

Even the medium to medium-large size of the shrimp the cook used was inspiring. They certainly didn’t skimp on the shrimp.

The chicken fried rice was fresh and non sticky, although just a smidge too salty, but it was nothing most people would not find objectionable.

Spring Roll lovers will feel inspired here as there is a great harmony of crispness and a tasty, moist interior.

The deep fried won ton were perfectly browned.

The wonton soup had large and perfectly seasoned meat stuffed in them.

The desserts available, although cut into smaller portions, were perfect; with the Nanaimo Bar melting as luxuriously in your mouth as you might expect in a much trendier restaurant.

Overall, this is a great place. It’s got wonderful food and a welcoming neighbourhood atmosphere and because of that it is a highly popular buffet and deservedly so. It rates high and only loses points on accessibility, the Wi-Fi and the lack of a more intimate dining experience.

I give it 8.75 out of 10. This is a buffet which ranks higher than most.

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