Shows Worth Checking Out


Nick Murray

Hey, yeah, you guessed it; there's gonna be some live music this week. Go to a show.

Thursday April 12th

Redbeard's Tribute to Tom Waits @ Revival Music Room  - This is just one more example of Revival providing the coolest and most thoughtful live music events in the city. I mean, last week they brought back the Plains Hotel for the weekend and this week they've got a night dedicated to the most prolific storytelling songwriter of...well...ever. Tom Waits is the greatest, and I imagine a lot of you reading this are like "who?". If that includes you, then I recommend you get out there and listen to Tom Waits. What are you waiting for? This event brings together some of Regina's best talents with one goal in mind; to play Tom Waits songs. I went to one of these events like eight years, when Revival was McNally's, and it was totally worth all the money I spent on beer. Money is just something you throw off the back of a train anyways, so what have you got to risk?

JJ Voss, is bringing his Outlaw Country/Americana style to the Capitol. It's half-priced cocktail Night too.

Johnny Coull @ Creative City Centre

Andino Suns, who might possibly be Regina's most exciting live music act, are playing a charity event at Casino Regina called Brighter Futures for Children. The proceeds from the event will go to the Regina Early Learning Centre. Also on the stage will be Shannon Rae and Conrad Bigknife

The League of One w/ Firing at the Sky @ The Exchange - The League of One is a corny, schlocky rock band from the Queen City. They don't follow the rules. They wear their own band t-shirts on stage, and they cut the damn sleeves off them, without shame. But they seem like the type of guys you'd go for a beer with. They seem like the type of guys you can make fun of skinny jeans with. Check out their video for "Working Man's Band."

Friday April 13th

Del Suelo @ O'Hanlon's

Jeff Mertick @ Bearcats Loungs

Tycke Brothers @ Eldorado Country Bar

Zenheller w/ Sep7ember @ Cloud 9

Michael Charles, the Australian Blues Legend, will be playing at Bobby's Place in Moose Jaw all weekend. So, if you like blues music, there isn't a better show in the province than the one right here in Moose Jaw. Check him out

Saturday, April 14th

Tycke Brothers @ Eldorado Country Bar

Michael Charles, again, at Bobby's Place

A farewell to legendary Regina classic rock tribute band, Slow Motion Walter, as they are hanging their guitar straps up, after a 13 year performing career that earned them the distinction of being called Jack 94.5's Unofficial house band. Believer it or not, but this one is also at Revival Music Room.

Resonance @ Bearcats Lounge

Switch @ Broadway's Lounge

Nick Faye & the Deputies with Andino Suns @ The Exchange - Nick Faye has been kicking around the Regina scene for a few years now. You might recognize him; he looks like Andy Samberg but sings like a prairie-fried Tom Petty. Along with his band, the Deputies, he is about to set off on a tour that will bring him as far east as Halifax, Nova Scotia, in support of his new album Stumbling Distance. Hockey has been on a lot of people's minds this last week, and if you follow Faye on Twitter you'll see that he's a big fan. Faye recently filmed a pretty great hockey themed music video, for his single "Hold Me Back". Check it out; really, it's pretty great. It was filmed in the big city of Creelman. Plus, if you go to the show you'll get to watch Andino Suns too, who will probably steal the show.

Sunday April 15th

Sunday, once again, belongs to Revival Music Room. They are hosting am open jam in support of the Humboldt Broncos. The open jam will be hosted by Diamond and the Rough, and all the proceeds are going to the victims of the Humboldt bus crash.

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