April is National Poetry Month in Moose Jaw

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Robert Thomas / Nick Murray

Called the “cultural highlight” of Council’s schedule by former mayor Councillor Don Mitchell poetry invaded the council chamber.

An original poem, called "One Foot In Memphis", written by local poet Terri Bosner helped kick off this week's City Council meeting and remind people April is National Poetry Month.

Bosner is a published author and spoken word performer who moved from the Sunshine Coast
of BC to Moose Jaw in June, 2016. She has also been known to dabble in stand-up comedy. She has also headlined events Performers Café events for the Festival of Words.

Terry Bosner

Terry Bosner

The poem she recited is about how Memphis and Tibet were, geographically, straight across from each other yet also complete cultural opposites.

One Foot in Memphis

I’ve got one foot in Memphis
And one foot in Tibet
And I ain’t quite decided
Where I want to be just yet

Part of me truly wants
Enlightenment and wine
The rest of me wants whiskey
And a bass line

I want spirituality
I need some peace of mind
But can I really have that
Without some bump and grind

I hear the monks and gurus
They call me by my name
But if I can’t hear some slide guitar
I know I’ll go insane

The yogis and the masters
Aren’t they both the same
As the old blues legends
Who play the music game

Maybe it’s a myth
That all the mystics are out east
Perhaps some are blues men
Who walk the Memphis streets

And is it necessary
That we make a choice
Can’t we sing the chants and blues
With exactly the same voice

I’m not sure where I’m going
I really can’t decide
I dig the writings of Buddha
As much as I dig slide

So I’m gonna’ sing the heartfelt tunes
And I’m gonna’ meditate
Just ask the guys who write the blues
This world has too much hate

I’ve got one foot in Memphis
And one foot in Tibet
And I ain’t quite decided
Where I want to be just yet

Terry Bosner

Each year, the League of Canadian Poets approaches Councils to help promote the special month.

Mayor Frasier Tolmie will be signing a proclamation declaring the month of April National Poetry Month in the Moose Jaw.

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