Aladdin Coming To The Library With A Free Showing

By Jordan Bosch - MJ Independent Arts and Movie Critic

As the Disney reboot cycle continues with an Aladdin remake next month, why not watch its animated predecessor at the Moose Jaw Library this Saturday April 27 th at 2:30?


The 1992 interpretation of the classic Arabian folk tale was one of the greats of the Disney Renaissance, fusing a charming story about being true to yourself and a richly exotic atmosphere and world with a sharp, novel comedic sensibility provided almost wholly by the late great Robin Williams as the magic Genii of the Lamp.


With a musical score by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice, and beautifully lush animation, it’s certainly worth seeing in a theatre, especially if you missed out on it the first time and are otherwise forced to make do with the remake.

As usual the event is free, popcorn will be provided, and its suitable for all ages, so head on over and get swept away by this exciting Arabian Night.

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