The Week That Was


Nick Murray

Councillors Sanctioned Amidst “Scandal” at DFFH

The biggest story in Moose Jaw this week happened in the Scoop Lewry Room at City Council on Monday evening. Three sitting Councillors had sanctions places on themselves by the other members of council as a result of a scandal that happened involving Mosaic Place.

The scandal involves eight counts of sexual harassment by an employee of the DFFH (The Downtown Facility & Field House), and the response of the DFFH's board members when confronted with the matter. Councillors Brian Swanson, Crystal Froese and Scott McMann, all three of whom also sit on the board at the DFFH were the Councillors in question.

For the full details of the story and commentary from recently disposed DFFH General Manager Graham Edge, check out: 3 Councillors Sanctioned.

Also, our reporter penned a column detailing who he thinks is responsible for the “scandal”, you can read that here.

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The Trial of Estes Fonkalsrud

We don't typically cover the goings-on at the Court House here in Moose Jaw, it's just not an area in news coverage and reporting we have delved into; but recently there have been some big stories coming from there and we just aren’t able get to them. Thankfully, The Daily Jaw does a fine job covering court cases and was extremely thorough in their coverage of the Estes Fonkalsrud trial.

Fonkalsrud is a lawyer in town who has been charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl after an incident that took place in Buffalo Pound during the summer of 2016. His trial began recently and it's been a hot topic. around the city. People really don't like child molesters and the fact that a person of esteem in the community is now up on charges for having done molested a child has got some people saying things (and spray painting them too).

All the details of the case have now been released. One young girl says that Fonkalsrud assaulted and violated her, the friends of Fonkalsrud admit he was being odd that night and that he acted strangely around the young girls. Fonkalsrud himself denies the allegations, his defence team taking the angle that the young girl is lying about the whole thing.

You can read the Crown Prosecutor’s closing arguments here.

The trial is now over. The judge will give his verdict on October 25th.

The City Spent over $1 Million on Traffic Safety

Photo Radar will now remain a permanent fixture on Saskatchewan Highways. It was originally reported that Moose Jaw had spent $450,000 on Traffic Safety Initiatives but it turned out that the city had actually spent a lot more than that.

That sum total easily cleared one million dollars.

Moose Jaw Warriors

The WHL Season is now underway, the Warriors played twice this week, losing the first game and winning the second. On Saturday they blew a 4-1 lead to the Prince Albert Raiders when the wheels fell off in the third period but they turned that around in the second game when goalie Brodan Salmond stood on his head in his debut against the Regina Pats.

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