City Will be Rescinding Parking Tickets on Vehicles Stuck in Snow

Chad Pimlott

(Photo Credit: Kody Fleury)

(Photo Credit: Kody Fleury)

The City of Moose Jaw has responded to complaints about people getting parking tickets while unable to physically remove their cars from downtown parking spaces, as there was too much snow to do so.

The complaints went viral after a photo was shared on Facebook. It has now been shared over 500 times. In the photo, a car completely covered in snow, with a small spot on the front window, which had been freshly cleared of snow, presumably to clear a space for the commissionaire to stick the ticket beneath the windshield wiper.

A news release from City of Moose Jaw Communications Director, Craig Hemingway, advises that "drivers who have received parking tickets as a result of stuck vehicles will have their ticket rescinded."

The biggest factor in the complaints was that the vehicles were unable to be moved, as the streets hadn't yet been plowed.

“We understand the issues facing drivers getting stuck in metered parking areas,” said Moose Jaw Police Chief Rick Bourassa. “We’ve asked our Commissionaires to use discretion in these circumstances and, in some instances, our Commissionaires have helped push vehicles out from those spots." 

The City advises that "if you have received a parking ticket due to being stuck in the snow, please call the number on the back of your ticket (306-694-4660) and we will rescind the ticket." 

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