Snowmaggedon 2018: City Now Focused on Second Wave of "Priority" Roadways

Chad Pimlott

As is obvious, the City of Moose Jaw continues to struggle through the heavy snow, and City crews are at work making roads a little more negotiable.

According to a press release from Craig Hemingway, the City's Director of Communications, the streets deemed to be "Priority 1" have already been plowed. That includes Thatcher Drive, 9th Avenue West and East, as well as the Wigmore Hospital access.

Crews are now focused on the next wave of "Priority" roadways; Fairford St. West from 4th-9th Avenue, Coteau St West from 4th– 12th SW, Manitoba St. from 3rd NW – 3rd NE, Saskatchewn St. from Main-9th NW and Caribou St. from 1st Avenue W – Thatcher Dr. 

The release also stated that

"The Iron Bridge subdivision will also be plowed today due to safety concerns related to
emergency access."


"The City has had three graders at its disposal since the weekend, and have contracted
an additional grader that will be utilized for the rest of the week as we continue to clear
snow in accordance with the City’s Snow Removal policy."

(See bottom of page for snow plowing map)

City transit is still not operational, until further notice, so if you use it, you'll need to organize another mode of travel.

"In addition," the release reads, "the City reminds you that Snow Route Policy is in effect for all Priority 1 areas, and ask that you please adhere to the No Parking signs on those routes until further notice. NOTE – due to the extreme nature of this snow event, we are asking there to be no parking on both sides of the road at this time.

As noted yesterday, Main St. is down to one lane in each direction as snow is temporarily stored around the center media between Oxford and Saskatchewan St. Snow will be cleared away March 11."




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