Radwanski's Questions Ansered

Robert Thomas

Can the general public attend Prairie South School Division (PSSD) committee meetings?

That was a question asked by the schoolboard Trustee Jan Radwanski, himself; and despite there being no board policy specifically barring it, the answer is no.

At PSSD’s March meeting, Trustee Radwanski asked the following questions – “Are PSSD/trustee committee meetings open to the public? If not, where is that sited in Board Policy?”

In a written response, Trustee Radwanski was informed that trustee committee meetings are not open to the public, only full board meetings are. There is, however, no written policy forbidding the public from attending.

“Regular meetings as described in legislation are the only public meetings of the Board. Committee meetings are closed in order that Trustees and staff can discuss administrative matters in an open and transparent fashion in order to enhance Trustee understanding of operational matters,” the written response read.

At the March PSSD board meeting, Trustee Radwanski had stated the committee meetings were not run according to accepted “Parliamentary procedure” during discussion surrounding censuring a trustee. Trustee Radwanski claimed it was thus difficult to differentiate which information was confidential and which was not. One trustee had replied that it was obvious to the other eight trustees what was and was not confidential.

The other eight trustees in attendance at that March meeting had voted in favour of censure, while Trustee Radwanski was opposed. Trustee Brian Swanson was absent.

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It is unknown what confidential information was allegedly shared with the public and with whom it was shared.

The written answer supplied to the Board also stated that “Board Policy is also silent in terms of public participation in Committee Meetings.”

The "open" or "public" portion of PSSD board meeting did not address the answer supplied to Trustee Radwanski. Nor is it known if the issue was further discussed in closed session.

Board Policy 8 describes the current Trustee Committee structure.

Read the entire policy here -