Sask Sets Record for Most Distracted Driving Offences in a Month

MJ Independent

Provincial police associations, together, set a Traffic Safety Spotlight record in the month of March, busting more distracted drivers than ever before.

This time around, the officers used some innovative methods to catch people doing things they shouldn't be, like texting while driving.  Cops hit the streets in unmarked SUVs, they positioned plainclothed officers on sidewalks and they used advantageous elevation while scanning busy thoroughfares to catch a total of 711 distracted drivers.

583 of those tickets handed out were for cellphone offences; that is the highest number ever reported in a single month in the history of SGI's Traffic Safety Spotlight.
The going fine for distracted driving tickets is $280. So let's do the math.

280 x 711 = 199,080

That means, in a single month alone, the government just made nearly $200,000 of the backs of drivers.
On top of that fine is four demerit points under SGI's Safe Driver Recognition program and, potentially, a one-week impoundment, if it's your second offence within one year. 
"Distracted driving is the leading cause of all traffic collisions. In 2016, it was a factor in nearly 8,300 collisions contributing to the deaths of 42 people and more than 1,200 injuries" said Tyler McMurchy, SGI's Media Relations Manager.

"Put the phone away," McMurchy added, "Toss it in your purse, glovebox, backseat, or even in the trunk. Keep it out of sight and out of mind, so that your full attention is on the task of driving. That way, you’ll keep fellow road users safe and save yourself $280."
Law enforcement also reported the following offences as part of the monthly Traffic Safety Spotlight*:
4,267 tickets for speeding/aggressive driving
329 impaired driving offences, including 282 Criminal Code charges
320 tickets regarding seatbelts/car seats      
Police continue to focus on speeding and aggressive driving throughout April. It's worth noting that speeding fines are increasing as of May 1. The base fine on all speeding tickets will increase by $30 and the km/h charge for travelling in excess of the posted speed will double.