Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant Applies for Funding

Robert Thomas

The chance at federal and provincial infrastructure funds was too much of a good thing for Moose Jaw to ignore, as Executive Committee gave their approval for the water treatment plant to submit the application.

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation (BPWTC) made the request because, as a recently created independent entity, they require approval from their shareholders – the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw – to apply for the funding.

Last year, an application had been made for funding but it was denied after it was determined by the Province that funds would apply to Regina’s share of the Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF) from the Building Canada Fund (BCF).

This year’s application does not apply to Regina’s BCF funding. Funds are being sought out of a national/regional funding pool which will not affect Moose Jaw’s potential allocations for other infrastructure funding.

Initially, funding had been applied for the entire $40.422 million Electrical Capital Upgrade project. The project was to be built in three separately tendered projects, the main plant electrical, transmission lines and pumping station electrical and pumping upgrades.

With the main plant electrical and transmission lines projects already tendered, only the $28.1 million lake pumping station and pump upgrades project is eligible for potential funding. If successful, the funds will bring in $18 million in infrastructure funding. Due to the fact that the necessary $28.1 million has already been borrowed at 3.45 percent; and monies received from a successful application will go to a reserve fund for future capital upgrades.

In 2019, BPWTC is planning $20 million in further capital upgrades, making it possible that no borrowing will be necessary.

The Province has forwarded the application for federal BCF funding consideration but the City must approve the application. Regina is suspected to grant final approval for the application in the next couple of weeks.

Due to the fact that the project is a regional one and dealing with water means it should score high in the process allotting for federal funding.

It is unknown when the federal government decision will be made, if the funding application is approved