Contaminated Soil to Cost Moose Jaw $200k

A Gump in the Sump Costs 200 Grand

Robert Thomas

An unanticipated and large amount of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and subsequent environmental cleanup cost City taxpayers a cool 200 grand.

Hydrocarbons are, but not limited to, crude oil, motor oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.

The contaminated soil was discovered as part of a $2.3 million re-lining of the trunk sewers and siphon. The 107 year old lines take South Hill’s sewage under the lake and to the main lift station.
The work has already been done but the $202,116 environmental cleanup could not wait for Council's approval, as it would have held up work and caused additional costs.

City Engineer Chad Mickelborough told Executive Committee the contaminated soil was unexpected and needed immediate clean-up before the work was approved.

“It was unexpected; we did not know it was there until we opened up the manhole cover,” Mickleborough stated.

The project was initially budgeted for $2,370,457 but ended up costing $2,193,394 including the change order.