Worst Roads in Province: Moose Jaw Has #1 and #8

Robert Thomas

Usually being in the top ten in the Province is a distinction worth bragging about but there’s one recognition out there the City of Moose Jaw is likely none too happy to make on.

Not one but two city roads are now in the top ten of the CAA Saskatchewan’s Worst Road online survey. So far just under 1,000 people have voted for the none too wanted distinction and High Street West is currently number one while 9th Avenue SW is tied for eighth place.

Until May 6th, people may vote on-line or nominate what they view as the worst road in the province. And the pair of Moose Jaw thoroughfares are in the running for the top honour.

Typically, the worst roads have potholes, crumbled pavement, poor road signage, lack of cycling infrastructure or traffic congestion according to CAA in their campaign announcement.

The annual campaign is designed to focus on road safety and will have CAA release the results, speak to the media as well as officials in an attempt to have the problems rectified.

The front runner in the voting so far High Street West was recently featured in a MJ Independent story. Read it here

Additionally, it came up at this past Monday night’s Council meeting, as Councillors Don Mitchell and Brian Swanson asked questions about it.

Anyone is encouraged to and can vote every 24 hours throughout the duration of the campaign.

To vote here is the link:  https://caaworstroads.com/clubs/saskatchewan/vote/