Phase 3 of Water Main Replacement to Begin

MJ Independent

All the way back in 2015, Moose Jaw City Council made a commitment.  A big commitment. A 20 year, $117-million commitment. The commitment was to address failing underground infrastructure in the friendly city. 

That means water mains. 

Phase 3 is set to begin. 

2018 has started and will see approximately 2.7km of outdated water main pipe replaced, across eight separate locations, within the City of Moose Jaw, at a cost of $5.9 million.

$5.9 Million.

Water main replacement locations for 2018 are listed below. Site numbers on the map are for contractor use, and do not necessarily indicate order of construction. 

Phase 3 construction will begin with:

11th Avenue NE from Fairford St. E to Stadacona St. E (Site 7 on the map) 225 m construction period: May 1-20, 2018

Construction timelines for the other sites will be released soon:

  • Manitoba St. E from Main St. N to Third Ave NE 561 m
  • Second Ave NE from Fairford St E to Manitoba St. E 328 m
  • 12th Ave SW from Lillooet St W to Vaughan St W 577 m
  • Athabasca St. W from Ninth Ave NW to 10th Ave NW 271 m
  • Seventh Ave NW from Saskatchewan St. W to MacDonald St. 215 m
  • Algoma Ave from MacDonald St. to Laurier St. W 61 m
  • Athabasca St. E from 11th Ave NE to 13th St. NE 412 m

Phase 3 work will be performed by KMS Construction of Tuxford, SK who has started the process of contacting affected property owners to discuss details surrounding the project and how it will affect them.