Sidewalk Days is Looking for Volunteers

Nick Murray

Anyone who has ever done the Main Street stretch during Sidewalk Days knows just how much time and work goes into organizing an event like that. Co-ordinating vendors, blocking streets off, setting up performance stages and wrestling rings, providing security and safely chauffeuring small children through a vast eutopia of bouncy castles, plus simply just people kicking around to offer a hand where needed...the list goes on.

No doubt it takes a lot of help. And this year, more so than ever.

This year marks the first year of Sidewalk Days' transition into a more "entertainment oriented" event, with 28 performing acts, plus buskers scheduled to be there.

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With the event being newly energized and some previously slated volunteers no longer able to attend, organizers hope a bunch more kind volunteers offer their services.

"We really do. My two stage helpers got new jobs recently and can’t take the time off."
Jacki L'Heureux-Mason, Chair of the Sidewalk Days Committee, said.

"We need 10-15 volunteers in the children’s village, and we need them quickly because we like them to get criminal record checks first. Then we need two to three guys at the stage. Ideally, these are guys who have at least a slight understanding of electronics and or sound systems. It’s not necessary, it would just be really helpful" she added.

"And lastly, we need mc’s".

Volunteers in the children's village oversee the happenings in that area. Making sure kids get in and out of play structures safely and helping out with carnival games.

"A three hour shift is all we ask, and we have an awesome wrap-up party!" Jacki said.

As for MC's, the gig means you're basically tied to the stage. You are free to explore the festivities while bands are playing their songs but your duties would include being present to introduce bands on the stage and thank the bands leaving the stage.

MCs are asked to give "a little brief history that I provide; and read thank yous to the sponsors and volunteers. They’re on stage for about three or four minutes at the beginning of each set and then you thank the band and more sponsors at the end of each set. This is a pretty good gig if you like music" Jacki said.

It's a great weekend full of great music and the perfect opportunity to meet some of the top dogs in local music. Some of the bands performing that weekend are Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities, West of Mabou, the Bromantics, The Tilted Kilts and Underclass Exile. Plus many more.

It's also the perfect opportunity to practice speaking in front of a crowd. Which is a rare skill that could come in handy in people's careers.

"In total we would need between 20 and 25 people. We already have almost 35 established" Jacki added.

Sidewalk Days takes place from July 5th to the 7th.