Moose Jaw Could Soon See Neighbourhood Bakery

Robert Thomas

Moose Jaw could soon see a new neighbourhood bakery after a decision made by the Development Appeals Board to allow a zoning exemption.

The bakery proposed by applicant Kathleen Crawford will see the store portion of the old King Edward Confectionery demolished at 3 Coteau Street West and a new bakery constructed in its place. The residential annex will not be demolished.

The proposed new building did not conform with the zoning regulations and as such an application had to be made to the Development Appeals Board to allow the construction. The infraction of the Zoning Bylaw is that the bakery would be classified as a restaurant and is verboten under C1 Neighbourhood Commercial.

The bakery will not only be offering baked bread and other goodies but will also offer baking classes as well.

After going through the Development Appeals process the board felt the proposed bakery would not negatively effect the neighbourhood and so it was approved.

No time was given as to when the bakery will be opening.

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