Zero Tolerance for Drug Impaired Drivers

MJ Independent

Things just went from bad to worse for people who haven't yet caught on to the dangers of impaired driving.

As of September 1st, the consequences for impaired driving are a bit tougher in Saskatchewan. Changes have been made that include stronger penalties for drug-impaired drivers and for impaired drivers who transport children.

Those changes include zero tolerance for drug impaired drivers. Zero tolerance.

The Traffic Safety (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2017 and The Miscellaneous Vehicle and Driving Statutes (Cannabis Legislation) Amendment Act, 2017 were both passed in the Spring sitting of the Legislature and come into effect Sept. 1.

Joe Hargrave, the Minister in charge of Saskatchewan Government Insurance said “It’s never OK to drive impaired, whether it’s by drugs or alcohol. This new legislation reflects the seriousness of this offence, with more severe punishments for drug-impaired drivers, and those who make the bad decision to drive with children in the vehicle.”

Beginning Sept. 1, the zero tolerance for drug impairment will apply to all drivers. That means it's already in place. Zero tolerance means that drivers should not get behind the wheel with any level of impairing drugs in their system detectable by a federally-approved screening device, or a standardized field sobriety test.

That's not all though, the Province has also updated legislation and regulations so that tough administrative penalties that impaired drivers in Saskatchewan faced under existing legislation will also apply to anyone charged under three new federal drug-impaired driving laws

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