Car Crashes into Coteau Hills Creamery


Nick Murray

The folks at Coteau Hill Cheese had quite the shock on Thursday.

Kirby Froese, who is known more for his creamy, Balkan-style Feta than dodging careening vehicles was working away in the shop when a car unexpectedly smashed through the walls.


Although there was extensive damage to the store (69 Highland Ave) and it will take some time to repair, fortunately enough, it could have been far worse, as none of the pricely production equiptment was destroyed.

"We built the cheese making area as a building inside this building and that was not hit" she said.

"A small car ran into it" Crystal told MJ Independent, "but we don't know what lead her to run into the building we didn't see her do it."

Crystal expressed gratitude to the police, fire and paramedics who arrived mere minutes after the collision.

"The driver was taken to the hospital so we hope she is OK" Froese said, adding "they took her to the hospital from the crash."

"Our production will slow down a bit while the outside of the facility is repaired. We will be assessing the damages over the next few days but already have it tarped up until we can repair it" Froese noted.