Jobransa Founder Eyeing Gravelbourg Facility

By Robert Thomas

The founder of a non-profit corporation established to assist families and children with special needs and disabilities is part of an initiative to establish a de-tox centre in the community of Gravelbourg.

MJ Independent has confirmed, from the Town of Gravelbourg, that founder of the Jobransa Foundation for Children Inc (as well as the Jobransa Centre and Kids In Motion Inc), Tammy Beutle-Spilchuk, is involved in a re-zoning attempt in that community. The re-zoning is to establish an addictions de-tox centre in that community.

Beutle-Spikchuk is the founder three non-profits - the Jobransa Foundation For Children Inc, Jobransa Centre and Kids in Motion Independent School Inc - which all at one time operated out of Moose Jaw.

The three non-profits have been embroiled in wage disputes with former employees which are now in the hands of collection agents, allegations of paying personal expenses with non-profit cheques, unpaid bills as well as allegations that the two main officers, who were also senior employees, in the non-profit corporations stated qualifications publicly they did not possess. See links to related stories below.

Under the application Beutle-Spilchuk - operating under the non-profit Lotus Recovery Corporation - is attempting to have 115 1st Avenue West in Gravelbourg re-zoned from residential R1 to C1 Town Centre Commercial District. The rezoning will be in the form of a contract zone. A special public meeting will be held April 4th at 7 pm in Gravelbourg to hear final presentations into the proposed re-zoning. See Photo Below.

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Asked about further details of the proposed de-tox centre the Town of Gravelbourg politely declined.

MJ Independent has through other sources in Gravelbourg been able to confirm the property in question has yet to be purchased. The re-zoning attempt is being funded by the applicant(s) to create the proposed de-tox centre.

As backgound many years ago the Town of Gravelbourg looked into the economic potential of establishing a de-tox centre in that community but abandoned the project after major hurdles were identified including finding fully qualified and properly credentialed staff to operate the facility and live in a rural community.

In a February 23, 2019 email asking about the credentials of her daughter Sarah Becker (nee Beutle) Beutle-Spilchuk addresses addiction, claiming questions being asked about the Jobransa Foundation For Children Inc were dealt with years ago but would be dealt with at a planned mid-March press gathering.

In her email responses she never addresses financial and other questions about any of the non-profits she founded and controlled but went on to claim the writer of the stories was friends with a drug dealer her son - Joseph Beutle - owed money to.

“The questions you have asked today, that have already been addressed two years ago. I will address again at the near future press gathering. I  not only want Moose Jaw local social media papers present. 

You speak about your concern for addictions. My family has first hand knowledge of what addictions can do to a family. Concerning my son, Joseph Beutle. You run stories on him continuously. It is sad that he is a " story" for you simply because your (sic) friends with his drug dealer (text message to the effect) that he owes money too. Instead of your concern of what and how drugs can affect a whole family and what it does to ones life. 

I was recently at a conference about addictions and your name come up A LOT!  How you would treat someone's life as a "following" base instead of:  we are in a drug crisis and this is someone's life. You are destroying someone's life for your gossip column.

I have no problem working with you to uncover the truth in all these issues BUT it can’t be gossip, has to be real journalism,” Beutle-Spilchuk wrote in the February 23rd email.

Earlier in the email Beutle-Spilchuk had requested MJ Independent not publish any more stories about her family and her son Joseph Beutle who had been wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in Swift Current Provincial Court regarding multiple allegations of sexual offences involving a child under the age of 16. Joseph Beutle is to be considered innocent until the allegations are proven in court.

Beutle-Spikchuk goes on to claim she had other press at a proposed December 24, 2018 meeting and some unidentified source had reviewed stories and emails from this publication terming them cyberbullying, harassment and stalking.

In the first week of January Beutle-Spilchuk cancelled a proposed meeting stating she would get back with an alternative date - she never responded nor provided an alternative date at a neutral location.

“Why are you so very interested in me and my family as well as the foundation etc.  It is great concern as this is harrassment,cyber bullying and stalking! These are not accusations but terms given to me after reviewing your articles and emails. 

You have cancelled everytime you request a meeting. At Christmas you said you were in a car accident and would get back to us when to meet. I also had other press there the day you cancelled. I assured you wouldnt be alone. I wanted the true story to be told. The documents to been reviewed as well as the recordings. 

I ask that you run NO other stories until you give my family, my business the opportunity to address these matters properly with the proper people present. I do believe this would give you the big picture. I will ensure that this will be in a timely matter. Would that not be good journalism? I understand your  known for your Gossip column in Moose Jaw but I think you will find your sources not to be telling the facts. There are always two sides to every story. It's time for my side to be told as well.

I look forward to your response, your assurance, and your want for the truth that we offer with documentation, recordings, police information, etc

I'm working on a gathering of media mid March,” the February 23rd email from Beutle-Spilchuk read.

In her email responses Beutle-Spilchuk failed to address how addiction played into the apparent misstating of hers and her daughter’s qualifications as well as the business practices of the Jobransa Foundation For Children Inc, Jobransa Centre and Kids in Motion Independent School Inc..

“Again, I would love to know why my world is so interesting to you. It must be because my sons connections. I have confirmation that one of your sources in Moose Jaw is in fact a dealer. I have text message between the two of you. It's sad you would use someone troubles to simply gain a following in social media,” Beutle-Spilchuk wrote in the February 24th email response.

A previous MJ Independent story dealt with the fact Joseph Beutle was a board member of the Kids In Motion Independent School Inc board was wanted by the police and remained a member of the corporation after it was revived following being stricken from the record of registered non-profits for not providing the required financial statement(s).

Despite her request not to run additional stories about her, her family and the non-profit businesses she sat on the boards of as well as worked as an employee of - Executive Director MJ Independent ran a brief story about Joseph Beutle’s arrest on the charges originating out of the Swift Current provincial court district.

Throughout numerous email exchanges with MJ Independent regarding the three non-profits she founded and has control of - through her family being the only board members - Beutle-Spilchuk never once addressed any of the questions put forward to her but said it was her business and once called a non-profit “my business” in an email.

Numerous former parents who were clients of the three non-profits have come forward with allegations as well as documentation to support those allegations to MJ Independent as well as former staff members have made allegations of not being paid by the three non-profits. Former staff members provided documentation to substantiate their claims and that their unpaid back wages dating to 2017 were being sought by collection agents after winning their claims before the Labour Board.

Parents additionally raised concerns regarding the fact - and provided emails to prove it - private medical files were not being returned which were requested at the time but were being held by Jobransa.

A previous Rhinos Ramblings opinion column additionally provided documentation of cheques from Kids In Motion Independent School Inc being used to pay land rent in a trailer park on behalf of Sarah Becker (nee Beutle).

Editor’s Note - Gravelbourg is the initial home of the story’s author Robert Thomas’s family when they came as refugees to Canada and several family members still live in that community and the nearby vicinity.

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