Free Organic Dump At The Landfill Set For May 11 and 12


If you are looking to take advantage of the Free Dump or tipping fee weekend for organic waste you had better mark May 11 and 12 on your calendar. The free tipping time has been called free “Yard Waste Weekend” by the City.

The free dump days are being offered by the City and will allow residents to haul and dump organic waste - defined as leaves, grass clippings and pruned branches not bigger than one inch - for free at the landfill.

Residents this year may use trailers to haul their organic waste to the landfill for the free weekend although dual axle and commercial haulers will be assessed the tipping fee. The regular residential tipping fee is $10 for a half ton truck but is higher if it is brought in by trailer.

Anyone disposing of non-organic waste will be assessed the regular dump or tipping fees which are based upon the type of material and weight.

To help make the free dump more efficient there will be a specified organic waste dumping area with City staff on hand to inspect loads and direct those hauling to the landfill to the appropriate area and to ensure those who must pay tipping fees are charged.

For those issued tipping fees for not hauling the specified organic waste please ensure you have cash as the landfill does not accept debit or credit cards. SEE RELATED - Cash Only Policy Questioned

The City moved away from the regular two week Spring and two week in the Fall clean-up to one whereby only organic waste can be hauled for free to the landfill on one weekend in the Spring and in the Fall as a means to extend the life of the existing landfill. SEE RELATED - Changes to Free Dump

All loads must be tarped and those without tarped loads could be fined under Bylaw 5156 Section 23. The regulation is to keep refuse from blowing or falling off of vehicles and trailers and littering the streets.

There has been several commentators on social media about the changes and the fears it could lead to a major increase of illegal dumping in the city as well as in the local RMs.

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