MJ Independent Hacked

We have been hacked is a word you do not want to hear from anyone out there and the same goes for MJ Independent.

We noticed on a recent story about road closures that the original did not match what was posted a few hours later. The information came to us from a reader who wrote to ask if we needed a geography lesson.


The revelation intrigued us as how could the story we had somehow changed? Was it a virus or some sort of spyware? The answer was in our passwords to the site where we lay out the news and how someone had accessed it from an unauthorized Internet Protocol (IP) address.

To help prevent this from happening again we changed the passwords and employed some software fixes.

After taking a close look at it and in consultation with a computer guru friend from Brest, Belarus we can determine there was no unauthorized access to our mail as it is a different system. Additionally he has deployed counter measures if an unauthorized attempt is made in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we update our system.

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