Report From The Legislature - Moose Jaw North MLA


The Spring Sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature continues with debate and legislation, as well as enhanced programs and services as part of a balanced budget. Your Saskatchewan Party government also continues to stand up for Saskatchewan.
This week the Senate committee on Bill C-48, the federal government’s Oil Tanker Ban, came to Regina and heard our government’s position on this proposed legislation, the double standard it creates between East and West, and why it is bad policy.

The Oil Tanker Ban is part of a broader issue of not getting Canadian oil to tidewater, which hurts Saskatchewan’s economy and social investments. Senators have an opportunity to prevent this legislation from passing, and we encourage them to do just that.

In light of trade restrictions in China, we were pleased to see the federal government has largely adopted our plan to provide relief for Canada’s canola producers. This includes access to an expanded Advanced Payment Program and an extended AgriStability deadline. These are steps in the right direction.

While we look forward to participating in trade missions to Japan and South Korea to secure new markets for our world-class canola, we need to regain certainty in China. The federal government must continue to actively engage on scientific and diplomatic levels to find a resolution and restore access to one of our largest markets.

EDITOR’S NOTE - Please note this report was not edited and is provided to all Sask Party MLAs.

We are presently in the process of acquiring reports from the Official Opposition and will post them in fairness to all.

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